Allow us to keep your home or business looking its very best!

Consider one of our popular maintenance packages to fit your preferred service frequency and payment timeline.

Treat your self and your property with top notch property detailing!

You and your guests will enjoy a clean atmosphere every time you visit the property.

*SPECIAL PROMOTION: **free roof cleaning with purchase of 5 year exterior CLEAN! service package.


Brighten up the mood at your property with a detailed cleaning of all your sources of light.

Illuminate your evenings with beautifully maintained lights, chandeliers and landscape low-voltage lighting.

Your home or business will look and feel BRIGHT! every evening of the year.

*SPECIAL PROMOTION: **10% off holiday lighting with purchase of quarterly BRIGHT! service package - light up your favorite holiday!


Beautify your property with FRESH! landscape solutions.

Increase the value of your property with skilled workmanship and five star results you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Allow our team to focus on areas where you most desire seeing improvement.

Realize the potential beauty of your existing surroundings!

*SPECIAL PROMOTION: **15% off labor for $10,000 total landscape construction project budget with purchase of FRESH! service package.

*NOTE: monthly CLEAN! and quarterly BRIGHT! service package combinations with FRESH! package for an additional 5% off. Not all projects will qualify. Eligibility for large custom homes or commercial buildings to be discussed upon phone introduction, email contact, or verbally during initial consultation with ClearView representative. Unless otherwise specified, all discounts maximum allowable is 10% off. Combining packages allowable for a maximum of 15% off current non-discounted rates if all packages purchased at once. Promotion rates subject to change without notice. Bottom line, get ClearView out to help you improve your property's curb appeal. We will deliver 5 star results and improve your property value... guaranteed!

ClearView Property Detailing, Painting, & Landscape Experts

Looking for reassurance of who to hire for professional services at your property? We bring skilled technicians to complete beautiful projects for the discerning property owner!

Looked and looked for a company who can do more than one specific task? We are your professional solution for all your property maintenance and improvement needs... in one place!

Tired of interviewing new contractors for your property detailing, painting, and landscape improvement projects? Our contracting services focus on details that matter in both residential and commercial applications.

Tired of doing all the dirty work yourself? Hire the best property improvement contractor around for your specific project. Save yourself the time and energy by getting the best help in the greater Santa Barbara area.

Need help with cleaning of your property, lifting, moving heavy objects, landscape construction, and hard physical labor? We assist with move-ins, move-outs, turnovers, and out-of-towners.

We get called all the time by people with needs on their property: tenants, landlords, property management companies, real estate agents, business owners, home owners, and more. Our team is here to help. Give us a call or email now!

ClearView Property Detailing Expert services assist property owners all over the greater Santa Barbara area with all of these needs and more. As your one-stop resource for expert residential and commercial property maintenance, cleaning, painting, landscaping and related construction services, our team of eager technicians comes to your door to work hard and leave you with noticeable progress you are happy with every time we are out.

Completing well above 10,000 projects since 2001, ClearView has established a reputation worth betting on, even if you are new to the area or a first time ClearView customer.

What do our loyal clients think about us? They love us. In fact, they say we are the best service they've ever used for their property care and improvement.

With our guaranteed satisfaction and your job well done, we would love for you to feel like you've received a five star service every time you need us. And if you are not satisfied, we want to be given an opportunity to make it right. Our aim is to please our clients and leave them happy to refer and call again whenever they please. We will be sure to do our best every time and if we make a mistake we will be back to fix it the best we can. Period. If you still can't be pleased, well, this does happen... but very rarely. And usually its something we can address in one way or another. But be advised, we are a good team of people looking to do good work for good people. If that sounds like you, please give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

Our office can take a message 24 hours a day at 805-964-8635 and of course you can send an email any time you like and let us know of your need to We are in the office during normal working hours Monday through Friday, returing all calls and messages as quickly as possible. Please be advised that once you have reached out to us it is our intent for you to rest easy knowing that you have left everything in good hands. Most importantly you are able to go on with your day or night and leave your property maintenance and improvement needs to a team you trust.

Going out of town? Coming back to town? Need special arrangements while you are gone or before you come back? Please let us know how we can be of assistance with our local team of help, skilled labor, trucks, tools, and all sorts of helpful equipment.

Our number one goal as a one-stop professional resource to our customers is meeting all of your property improvement and maintenance service needs without your needing to call someone else. We grow our services based on the needs of our clients, and if you need something not seen here, it does not necessarily mean we haven't done it before, and we can most likely help you even if the thought seems like an idea from outer space. If its related to your property, and you think someone should know how to do it right... well, just give us a call, and perhaps we can refer you to another contractor or facilitate your project. In one way or another we will strive to minimize your stress or burden of getting the work done right and help you find the right help for your needs.

Within a beautiful coastal California community like ours, we believe your time is better spent doing the things you really want to do - not necessarily cleaning your property and keeping things up to five star order all on your own, all the time. Yes, it can be a bit much, we understand. Send an email or call today, and we will help you out with your property care and keep everything in order just the way you want it done.

Licensed, bonded, insured, and guaranteed, we are the choice for all property owners residential and commercial throughout the greater Santa Barbara area including Montecito, Goleta, Carpinteria, Ventura and select clients in Malibu, Calabasas, and San Louis Obispo.

Looking for an extraordinary team? Ready to have us come out?

Questions? Contact us today!


Improve the looks of your property!

  • Property Detailing — from windows and walls to roofs and chandeliers, we keep everything on your property looking beautiful all year long, exterior and interior! Don't let the dust settle on your outdoor seating areas too long... we can come regularly and keep it clean! Get the most out of your property by allowing ClearView Property Detailing Experts to come in and improve parts of your property that need it instead of letting things deteriorate or fall in to disrepair. With one of our property maintenance packages you can relax and enjoy the surroundings while we keep it nice, all the time!


  • Window Cleaning — never worry about streaks again! We clean windows, skylights, mirrors, and even partition plexiglass to leave it crystal clear and streak free!


  • Painting & Plastering — don't go cheap on your walls and ceilings, we'll save you time and money with long-term solutions! Whether interior or exterior, up high on the ceiling, or low in the basement with moisture resistant products... we are knowledgeable professionals for serious painting and plastering applications. Certified and licensed in multiple decorative finishes, with a showroom available to brainstorm and consider your project ideas, we are your go to team for expert painting and plastering services in the greater Santa Barbara area. 


  • Holiday Lighting — professional lights installed by local teams of expert technicians with combined many years of experience to give your property a festive, classy look. Featuring multiple holidays, and numerous potential with lights and decorations, your home or business will look amazing for any major holiday or special event. Getting married or looking to host a party? We have an on staff lighting specialist to meet with you, discuss your project, and find a reasonable solution to your needs.


  • Exterior House Washing — get rid of cobwebs, dirt, and grime... shine up those walls, doors, and windows! We also specialize in exterior decorative light fixture cleaning, maintenance, and removal and replacement!



  • Move Ins / Move Outs — you can focus on the move and we will clean up the mess and haul it away for you!


  • Landscape Improvement — from plants and flowers to rocks, walls, mosaics and water features, we are your one stop resource for all your landscape property improvement needs!


  • See our CLEAN! BRIGHT! FRESH! packages above on this page to coordinate the ideal plan and budget for your project!


Contact us here and let us get you moving on that to-do list a little faster.