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With over 15 years local Santa Barbara experience, our 5 star rated professional landscape construction team delivers a complete landscaping improvement package from consultation, design, permitting, and demolition to grading, drainage, irrigation, masonry, concrete, hardscaping, fencing, decking, low voltage lighting, planting, mulching, and property detailing.

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If you are tired of looking at your old, overgrown, or otherwise outdated landscaping, get our talented Landscape Construction Experts out to your property for a long overdue overhaul.

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We bring uniformed skill to your door with tools, equipment, and a cheerful attitude, prepared to make completing your most strenuous landscape work less burdensome and enjoyable.

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Reaching the finish line of your landscaping improvement project may seem difficult if you are considering all of the decisions that need to be made and all the work that needs to be done. But ClearView Property Services will help you get through it with ease by empowering team members with trust, a hard copy design, and written instruction of critical project details.

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Sometimes creating the design takes a fair amount of discussion, patience, and discipline, but if you persevere and complete your plan ahead of time with your contractor the money you spend on your project will pay you dividends later as your team efficiently and effectively completes your project according to the predetermined design.

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You can waste a lot more time and feel much more frustration when a professional team of people is present and ready to work at your property but is stuck waiting until they get answers to questions and further direction. If a six man team waits 20 minutes while you and your lead contractor discuss a potential change, a cumulative 2 hours or more of labor could be wasted. Of course, the team would try to stay busy, but without direction, they may start making improper decisions, making remedial work take even longer thereafter.

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To keep everyone on task and project goals clear, we always recommend following a predetermined plan. When we initially come out to your property to meet you, we will discuss your desired project details including budget, a design allotment, and estimated timeline for our delivering the completed plan to you. We will then take measurements of the work area and begin thinking more creatively about the future direction of you project. Once we've had enough time to study the measurements, the topography, and layout of your property, we will create a new plan and outline all of our recommended project directives and details.

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Whether you need a whole new landscape or a new perimeter fence, our contracting services will help you keep on top of your to-do list. So don't ever feel stuck when you need help with landscape construction work. Our team is used to lifting heavy rocks, potted plants, and planting trees. Plus, if we are not busy doing that, we are probably scooping heavy shovels full of dirt, spreading gravel, or compacting road base.

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If you want to hire the best property improvement contractor in town for all your property services, don't bother trying to manage multiple different teams all at the same project. Just contact ClearView Property Services, describe your project, set up an appointment to get together for your initial consultation, and allow us to come over and help you.

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With all the many sorts of projects people call us for, we have multiple teams prepared to work together, each one with varying skill sets. To best complete various categories of work at your property, our Property Detailing Experts will sometimes work together with our Landscape Construction Experts to help improve general curb appeal, cleanliness, and overall freshness of your home. From gutter cleaning to pressure washing, window cleaning to solar panel cleaning, our property detailing team focuses on noticeable details and features that give the best possible first impression when they are cleaned.

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We assist with move-ins, move-outs, turnovers, and out-of-towners to get properties completely ready for optimal curb appeal and functional presentation. We also load and haul junk and landscaping debris to help you keep your home clean and clear of garbage.

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And what do our loyal clients think about us? According to many of their written reviews, they love us; but you can also look up our 5 star reviews yourself in the upper "Testimonials" tab. You may note that some people say we are the best service they've ever used for their property care and upkeep.

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With our guaranteed satisfaction and your job well done, we would love for you to feel like you've received a five star service every time you hire us. Of course, if ever you use us for a job and are not satisfied after we finish, we would really appreciate your respectfully letting us know and giving us an opportunity to come back and make it right.

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Our aim is always set to please people who give us work by providing excellent service, but sometimes we do need to come back and finish something better or treat an area again. Most importantly, we want to be sure when we are done working you are completely happy with our efforts and their results. Then if you ever want to hire us again or refer us to friends and family it will be completely natural as you have already had a good experience with us.

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Our good team of people is always looking to do good work for other good people. So if that sounds like you, please do not hesitate to give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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Our office can take a message 24 hours a day at 805-964-8635 and of course you can send an email any time you like to [email protected] and let us know of your needs. We are typically working out at people's properties around town during normal working hours Monday through Friday, so if you call our office and leave a message you can expect us to be returing all calls and messages as quickly as possible, but sometimes it may take a few hours or even a day or so to call back. It all depends on when you call and when the last time was we checked our mesasges. Typically though, once you have penetrated our office voicemail, we give you our cell phone numbers and you can text or call 24/7 and get close to instant responses from us day or night. But even if you don't immediately get a response back from us, once you have reached out to us it is our intent for you to rest easy knowing that you have left everything in good hands. Most importantly you are able to go on with your day or night and leave your property maintenance and improvement needs to a team you trust.

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Going out of town? Coming back to town? Need special arrangements while you are gone or before you come back? Please let us know how we can be of assistance with our local team of help, skilled labor, trucks, tools, and all sorts of helpful equipment.

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Our number one goal as a one-stop professional resource to our customers is meeting all of your property improvement and maintenance service needs without your needing to call someone else. We offer services based on the needs of our clients, and if you need something not seen here on our website, it does not necessarily mean we haven't done it before, and we would still encourage you to ask us about it. You can give us a call and whether we help you directly with one of our team membes or make alternative suggestions to contact another contractor, we will always do our best to somehow facilitate your project. In one way or another we will strive to minimize your stress or burden of getting the work done right and help you find the right help for your needs.

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Within a beautiful coastal California community like ours, we believe your time is better spent doing the things you really want to do - not necessarily cleaning your property and keeping things up to five star order all on your own, all the time. Yes, it can be a bit too much responsibility, we understand. So please send an email or call today, and we will help you out with your property care and get everything looking just the way you want it.

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Licensed, bonded, insured, and guaranteed, we are your best choice for landscape construction in the Santa Barbara area, including Montecito, Goleta, and Carpinteria.

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