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Have you ever seen a brand new beach house get destroyed by birds? We see millions of dollars worth of valuable property get damaged by birds and their stinky destruction day after day, all year long... and we know just what it takes to help you resolve the issues and get rid of pesky birds for good!

To get rid of that unsightly mess and stinky smell, we carefully gather bird feces and roosting debris to remove all dirty remains from your property for safe disposal. We then clean the area with biodegradable disinfectant and install deterrents to keep the birds from coming back. Take a look at these before and after pictures to see how different your property will look, smell, and fuction with proper bird control measures.

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Santa Barbara and surrounding Tri-County areas have an unusually high concentration of property damaging birds. Among the worst destroyers are pigeons, mud swallows, sea gulls, and wood peckers, each of which follows a unique behavioral pattern with likely resulting damage to your property. Our certified bird control experts are knowledgable and will help you determine the best solution to successfully resolve your bird problem. Plus, all our humane solutions leave you worry free since we do not hurt the birds in any way. In fact, all of our bird control solutions and products are endorsed by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Cleaning and ridding your property of birds is not an easy task. Just look what a wood pecker colony did to this apartment complex (pictured above). These acorns were packed deep within in the walls, behind the stucco trim area of over 100 different windows! Fortunately for this HOA, our team was able to go out and resolve the problem... leaving the trim boards looking good as new with a bird deterrent only apparent to the wood peckers. Thats right... us humans can't even see the stuff... no need to rely on unsightly spikes, nails, broken glass, and all the other weird stuff we have seen people try and use to rid themselves of annoying bird problems. Our professional products are intended to be low profile so they do not detract from the intended beauty of your structural architecture.

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We have another type of bird control solution that works great to protect our homes against our local mud swallows. These birds are known for building their nests up near the eaves with mud from our local wet lands. We used a special deterrent here to take up the birds desired corner area and then painted it to match the trim of the house. We paint the deterrent product to blend in with the rest of the house up in the corner below the eave. Following our work, the birds do not come back to this area because they physically can not build there any more! We have many satisfied customers who today no longer have to deal with bird droppings on their windows.

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What about pigeons? Seen any of them around your property lately? When pigeons get comfortable and make their home on top of your home, their feces piles up and gets in the cracks of your roof and down in your rain gutters, making the clean up a real chore. Especially if your structure is designed with a ‘roof shelter’ area where one section of the roof overlaps another, you can expect a lot of activity and resulting buildup of feces, dead birds, bones, and debris from what has now become a perfect roosting area. In these conditions, pigeons can have babies three to four times a year, making the presence of these birds exponentially greater every year. We clear out the stinky debris from up on ledges and inside roosting areas, disinfect it, and screen it off to prevent further roosting in that area.

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You have the a major problem if you have pigeons living up in your roof area because an untreated roosting area can eventually result in a bedbug infestation inside your home. That's right, we said INSIDE you home! Belive it or not, we have been called out to a number of documented bed bug cases even here in Santa Barbara. Like bed bugs? Of course not! They are disgusting! But more dangerous than the bugs are the 20 known pathogens found in pigeon feces. When the wind picks up, pathogens in the feces can simply blow through the air and in through your windows, vents, or open doors to cause illness without you or your family even knowing it. To clean this stuff up we have to use special filters on our vacumms, use gloves and long sleeved clothing, and wear full respirators to filter our air.

Not sure what a nasty roosting area looks like up close? Well here you go. This isn't even as bad as they get. From this one pigeon roosting area we removed over 50 pounds of feces. That's right... we said fifty pounds! Enough to fill two large contruction size garbage bags. You don't even want to know how bad this stuff smells up close... even with the respirator on.

Following our work, you will no longer have to put up with the presence of birds living in the confines of your roof. Bird noises keeping you up at night like at this house? Get our team out and those problems will be no more. Our solutions work. We come out and review the situation to determine the best action to prevent the birds from returning to your property.

Do you live by a bird sanctuary, a neighbor who feeds the birds, or the beach where birds fly freely 24/7? The more attractive your surroundings to the birds the higher their presence is likely to be. We call this 'bird pressure'. A high pressure area is likely to require a more aggressive approach as to which bird deterrent to use. Often its best to get our team out to observe the habits of the birds for a while before jumping to any particular conclusion. As to what the birds are doing, why they like your property, and what will make them go away, the game of getting rid of the birds can be tricky. Fortunately for you, we have nearly 15 years of experience arming our clients with proper remedies to keeping the birds away, and we guarantee our bird control solutions will solve your bird control needs once and for all. Period.

Birds living in an area near your AC ventilator system? Well thats not good. You might as well be spreading those pathogens directly through the air vents with force right in to the inside of your home. Cleaning up this sort of area properly is imperative to your good health, and the health of your neighbors if you live in a multi-unit complex like this property pictured above. Using a net we were able to screen off this area from future bird access.

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Too many birds flying over head, landing in nearby areas too hard to access with typical bird deterrents - power lines, trees, and telephone poles? Our reflective spinning deterrent is solar powered and distracts birds in the middle of their flight path. Ever tried to walk down the beach on a sunny day next to the reflective ocean with your sunglasses off? Perhaps thats not the best analogy, but it comes close if you have sensitive eyes. The suns rays are powerful and if reflected properly can be a good force against certain pest birds in these situations.

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Some birds enjoy particular areas on your property while leaving the rest alone. For you these solutions can be easier to treat. But don't think that means it will be easy... many people have tried home remedies only to call ClearView out to solve their bird problems once and for all. Some properties need multiple bird control solutions where we treat the chimney and other areas under the eaves for two or more different types of birds. Whatever your situation, we will figure out what it needs and help you so the birds go away and do not return. Oh-- and don't forget, you can't even see many of our low profile bird deterrents from the ground! We have far more success with our deterrents than traditional spikes you see falling off of buildings all over town.

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Licensed, bonded, insured and guaranteed, we are the choice for homeowners and businesses throughout the Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties for bird control and poop removal services. Don't let another day go by with pathogen born bird feces building up and surrounding you on your property.

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