Cutting and Grinding

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Ever wondered why construction sites are often so noisy? Grinders, rock and tile saws, and heavy duty mallets, hammers, and chisels combined to create an atmosphere of a major overhaul.

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Heavy equipment and skilled use of crafty hand tools is rarely louder than the screechy sound of diamond or metal on rock or concrete.

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Looking for a way to cut directly through your slab of rock, concrete, or tile you may ask? Well thats a good question, and we answer it with years of combined experience, awesome equipment, a willing attitude, and a plan made to get the job done just how you want it.

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Ever tried to move a six inch thick slab of rock? It's pretty tough. You need strong workers and skills to match. Our team can help you tremendously!

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Need a clean line cut across your tile? Most saws chip the edges, but our precision tile cutting will leave your edges smooth and perfect.

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Hoping to trim down pieces of rock to perfect size for tight fit? Whether a large slab of rock or concrete, or a small piece of tile, we can help!

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The larger the piece of rock, the harder the project. And if you want a big piece of rock trimmed down to be used as part of your landscape a simple hammer and chisel isn't necessarily going to cut it. Ever seen a giant sledge hammer on the end of a tractor pounding in to a slab of thick concrete? It looks kind of like that, but with your arms... and it really doesn’t work well beyond the finish work on a piece. When it comes to cutting and grinding, you need professional technicians with experience and endurance to work hard and get you the right finished product.

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Many different tools and procedures are used to shape your rock, concrete, brick, or other masonry surface. We have techniques and tools for cutting, and literally grinding your rock down to proper size and frame. We have trained cutting and grinding experts who know how to handle a large blade and keep it from overheating. Ever tried handling this sort of heavy equipment all day long? Let us attest it is not necessarily easy on the back and shoulders. But our years of combined experience and state of the art equipment give our team an edge in helping your properly through your cutting and grinding project.

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Are you going to pay a premium to have your rock specially ordered and then wait for it to be delivered to you? Trust us... it may never come. Rock is not like food in the grocery store... it is a natural element and it does tend to run out. Take a tip from a pro and be sure to order well more than what you think will be enough for your cutting and grinding project. Its sometimes impossible to get more of something once you run out.

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Have you a need for locally based professionals to come out for proper custom measuring, planning, preparation, and ultimate building to your desired specifications? Precision cutting and grinding cannot be recommended strongly enough. Improperly spent time on plans gone awry can cost more than up front effort spent getting a detailed understanding of what you would like done for your cutting and grinding project.

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Get in touch with our team today to begin your cutting and grinding project. Our specialist will come out and review the property with your explanation as to what is needed we will find a good solution.

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