When designing and installing a new landscape plan most of the best projects include a fair amount of masonry.

Whether you are looking to better stabilize your hot tub with a sturdy pad made of concrete, pavers, flagstone, or wood, our team will recommend and help you implement the best approach.

It may seem obvious, but wood tends to rot out, and stone does not. Nor does concrete. Creating a paver walkway, patio, landing, or sitting area with a nice looking finish usually requires a skilled mason.

Garden walls, retaining walls, and free standing perimeter walls define spaces and improve functionality of your grading, drainage, and privacy. If you need a landscaper who has landscape and hardscape skills that include masonry, look no further.

Not only do we spend a considerable amount of our time working on hardscape projects, but we encourage and recommend landscape work that includes attractive masonry elements including strategic placement of large, locally sourced boulders.

We create high quality, custom hardscape features to enhance the curb appeal of your landscaping and improve the value of your property.

Our experienced stone workers will turn your property into a completely new atmosphere with dedication, hard work, and refined masonry skills.

Have you seen a picture of a bench, garden path, garden stairs, or other hardscape item which you would like to have at your property?

Interested in having a paver patio, walkway, or driveway?

Just let us know what you are looking for and we will help you design and install the most sought after, highly attractive and functional landscaping, hardscaping, and masonry in the Santa Barbara area.

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