When was the last time you spread mulch atop your dirt? If you are not sure, it has probably been too long.

Mulching your garden will not only make the space look nicer, it will also help preserve water, and increase the nutrient content of your soil. The healthier your soil, the better yield you will get from your plants, flowers, fruit trees, and vegetable garden.

Spreading mulch is not an easy or clean job though. The dust from applied treated mulch tends to float in the air and get stuck in your nose, ears, and eyes during installation. Its important to wear a mask and wet it down after installation. 

Different types of mulch and wood chips are best for different applications. Generally speaking, the larger the pieces of material within the mulch, the longer it will take for that material to break down, and absorb into the soil.

If you need mulch in your garden, give our team a call. We will deliver it to your property and put it where it needs to go, saving you all the energy and effort.

We can also help you coordinate a free delivery of one large quantity of mulch with a couple or few weeks of advanced notice. Just give us a call and we will help you out.